maandag 15 juli 2013


I thought it would be useful for myself and for the people I know if I started a blog not focused around Donkey Kong, but rather, my artwork and the (lack of) thought that goes behind it.

Having been inspired by things such as Pixar, Disney, Rare, and Cartoon Network, my art has evolved into something characteristic over the years. Except I always want to improve.

Some of my biggest recent inspirations and also characters I role play as, quite frequently - K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country, Paulie from Viva Piñata, and Mordecai from Regular Show

Recently, I visited a Pixar exhibit in Amsterdam Expo.

I was blown away. Pixar is just so good with conveying character and making you believe those worlds are real, it's almost impossible. Even though I specialize in practicing the art of 2D animation, I admire CG just as much. I always wanted to punch someone in the face whenever they said CG takes no skill, and after what I saw at the Expo, I want to do that even more so. But then, since I'm rather pacifistic of nature, I probably would never do such a thing. Instead, I played with the idea that I should've taken them all to that exposition, to show how much traditional art goes behind it.

2D. Isn't. Dead.

I mean, if you turned on the television, you would have noticed 2/4 of all cartoons are still 2D animation. Some very limited, but it's there! Especially Cartoon Network, which is always open to new things.

But enough of that. Things of animation that interest me is how you can make a character out of thin air and make people believe that character is a real, existing little man or woman. Make people think about them. What's his favourite food? What does he do before he goes to bed? What's his favourite pastime? There's depth in characters, both visually and mentally.

And it is that which I want to be able to do.

That is also why I made this blog. Rambling about animation. Varying subjects. More on that soon!